How best to treat dry skin

How best to treat dry skin – its important to know to avoid making the situation worse.   Keeping the skins naturals oils in balance is the key.

Regular application of body lotion

An essential part of any beauty regime should be the application of body lotion on a regular basis.

Ideally this should be daily after a shower or bath however a couple of times a week is perfectly okay as long as your skin continues to feel fully hydrated and shows no signs of dryness.  Following a routine is key here.

Best way to apply body lotion

Leave yourself enough time to apply your body moisturiser and make this a pleasurable experience rather than a chore.

Apply body cream or moisturiser immediately after showering in the morning or the evening.

Consider using an exfoliator to loosen any skin prior to moisturising.  This is helpful but not essential unless, of course, you are using a self-tan moisturising lotion.

Use a systematic approach when applying the lotion to your body and start from your ankles upwards .

Use only small amounts of cream and rub in with both hands (or mitts) to warm slightly as this will aid quick absorption into your skin.  Focus on one area at a time and go from one side to the other.

Don’t be tempted to use too much lotion in one go as this will take ages to rub-in and tends to splatter on the floor and walls.

Use a gentle circular motion with a small amount of pressure through the palms of your hand.

Moisturize alternate parts of your body one after the other and focus on the driest parts like elbows, legs, hands, knees and feet. Don’t forget your back.

Best way to reach your back to apply body lotion

The back is an area often ignored because people simply can’t reach it easily.  Neglect this area at your peril as your back can get just as dry as the rest of your body and is in direct contact with your clothes all the time, so could lead to problems later.  A BackBliss Lotion & Cream Back Applicator is the best way of approaching this problem.  The applicator is 31cm long with washable and replaceable pads.  Simply put a dollop of your chosen cream or lotion onto the soft pad and use the applicator over and behind both shoulders and around the lower parts of your back.