How to Apply Cream on Your Back

Many of us find various areas of our back are unreachable.  You don’t have to be suffering from a medical condition that makes stretching and bending more difficult.  Just ask anyone with a sun burnt back who’s tried to apply a soothing lotion.  However, people suffering from health conditions requiring the use of prescription or non-prescription lotions, can find the application of cream or lotion particularly problematic.

At BackBliss we understand situations like these and it’s why we invented our range of applicators, including the Back Lotion and Cream Applicator.

Applying cream to your back with our applicator makes the process straightforward and ensures complete coverage.  As well as being shaped to allow easy access to all areas of your back, the removable sponges don’t soak up your cream.  You’ll also find they are easy to wash, and a spare sponge is included as standard with your purchase.

Since launching the applicator more than 10 years ago, we’re proud to have helped more than 50000 backs !  And don’t just take our word for it, checkout the product’s enthusiastic five star reviews.  Our customers swear by it.

Our applicator spent years in development and was only launched when we were entirely happy with the product. We promise it will help you reach more areas of your back than any other applicator.  Whether you use it to apply a moisturiser or a prescription cream to combat the effects of a medical condition, we think you’ll be thrilled with your purchase. For some customers it’s made a huge difference to their lives.

How to apply cream on your back

Using the applicator is straightforward.  Just apply some cream to the sponge on the applicator and apply using your left or right arm as required.  We guarantee you’ll be able to reach all parts of your neck and back without the embarrassment of having to ask someone else for help or put up with discomfort.

Applicators are available in a range of colours including white, pink and purple.  The single applicator comes with 2 pads and a pad back plus travel pouch and free suction hook.