BackBliss Back Scratcher for Itchy Backs

BackBliss Back Scratcher for Itchy Backs

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Do you suffer from an annoyingly itchy back?

Do you know somebody who is always asking you to scratch their back?

You're in the right place buy the best back scratcher around, the BackBliss scratches your back like no other - it's completely unique and we've sold 1000s in our 13 years of trading.

The sturdy handle flexes so you can exert pressure onto the itch busting head. The specially designed pyramids, all 113 of them, bend just enough to match the contours of your back.  The pyramid’s points work through clothes and are gentle enough to be used on bare skin.

This product will make your Oooohhh and Aaaaarrrrh!!

BackBliss isn't some horrible hand-shaped back scratcher that only has 4 or 5 points of contact with your back, our back scratcher delivers the most satisfying scratch you’ll ever have - we guarantee it! (that's me the inventor at the top of the page!).  What is more, BackBliss is the only back scratcher to have a patent because of the way it works.

Perhaps you are thinking of buying one for yourself?

The BackBliss scratcher handle is long enough to reach that itch and is flexible enough to enable you to put gentle pressure on the handle to deliver a fantastic scratch via the pyramid pad head.  

If you are uncertain about purchasing simply look at the reviews.  

Back scratching delight guarantee

If you're not completely delighted with your product, just return the back scratcher within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your money, no questions asked!

Your back scratcher comes in a colour and amusing box - perfect as a gift anytime of the year. A back scratcher isn't just for Christmas!  The handle and pyramid scratcher pad are flat-packed and will need to be assembled once opened.  Simple instructions are given.

If your back itches in bed, in the living room or in the car why not consider a double pack?

This is the ONLY back scratcher available in the UK thats been invented, designed and made here.  

Your BackBliss Back Scratcher Pack contains

1 x Back Scratcher Handle
1 x Scratcher pyramid pad
1 x assembly instructions 

CARE INFORMATION - For optimum hygiene wash your back scratcher from time to time.

Individual Product Dimensions
Length     310 mm
Width       65 mm
Weight     95 gms

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