BackBliss - beginnings

BackBliss a unique way to apply creams and lotions to your back.

Back Scratcher in Use

Applying lotion to your back is an everyday problem and only 20% of the world’s population can  reach the middle of their backs. The rest of us struggle!

People contort ourselves and resort to using weird and wonderful objects to cover their backs successfully in cream and lotions or to scratch our backs. Ignoring the skin on your back could mean you suffer from dry, unsightly, uncomfortable and itchy skin.

Now healthy, glowing and nourished back skin is within your reach with the my innovative back applicator.  Whatever you need to put on your back for whatever reason - BackBliss is essential.  I promise that using one of my applicators will turn an awkward job into an easy one.  

You will love 'blissing' your back every day!

The BackBliss Back Scratcher has evolved from my Award Winning Lotion Applicator
On holiday some years ago, I ended up lying on my back ALL afternoon after forgetting to ask my partner to apply suntan lotion on my back before he disappeared off to play golf! I felt uncomfortable asking a stranger to help out, but it got me thinking. So, back in our hotel room, I attached a sponge to the end of a coat hanger and used it to apply my after sun. It worked as a lotion applicator!! However the gizmo wasn't pretty and I felt awkward using it in public.

The spark of an idea into production
Over the next few months, lots of people agreed that a lotion applicator would be a good idea. So I decided to develop the concept a bit more.

I drew up a list of features and benefits that my product would need to have to fill the gap in the market. I’ve now sold over 50,000 of my lotion applicators, appeared on the BBC2 show Dragons' Den, ITV's London Tonight and won several awards. But...

The Story doesn’t end there
Once the lotion applicator was out there many people thought it was a back scratcher. So many people, in fact, that is started to get on my nerves.  Doah!!!!  

But, it got me thinking, again! 

Actually the only back scratchers I had ever seen were old fashioned bamboo canes with hand shapes at the end, or other contraptions made out of plastic or wood. I had never seen a really fun, funky and functional back scratcher that was really designed to satisfy your itch rather than just look like a gimic. 

What you see today is the result of my thoughts, research and feedback from nearly 100 individuals.

Specially designed scratching pyramids that do an excellent job of blitzing that itch!

See why it works so well.