BackBliss BACK SCRATCHER Press Release APRIL 2014

Say goodbye to ever having to ask someone to scratch your back.

Reaching that itch on your back could not be simpler – use a BackBliss Back Scratcher.

The BackBliss Back Scratcher helps you reach that awkward middle part of your back.  When Caroline Wagstaff, 55 the product’s inventor from Windsor, Berkshire, appeared on the BBC2 show Dragons’ Den the Dragons thought it was ingenious!

‘There are many back scratchers available, some with horrible hand-shapes and some made of flimsy plastic or wood and they nearly all have around 5 points of contact with the skin.   The BackBliss has 113 specially designed scratcher pyramids and is robust enough to deliver the most excellent scratch you’ll ever give yourself’ says Caroline.

Now you can blitz that itch.

Why BackBliss?

  • Compact and lightweight, easy to use  - have one in the living room, bedroom, office or car.
  • Fun, funky and functional! – available in pink, purple, blue, charcoal and clear.
  • Hygienic, and washable and long lasting.
  • Handle flexes so you can exert pressure onto the itch busting head.
  • Works through clothes and on bare skin.
  • Ergonomically tested – BackBliss’s patented design perfectly moulds to the contours of your back .

WARNING: This product will make your Oooohhh and Aaaaarrrrh! 

RRP Single Pack £9.99, Double pack £15.99.

Some genuine customer reviews

Itch be gone! This is quite simply the best back scratcher in the world that I've come across. It really does scratch that itch every time it's brilliant. Phill 7th Jan 2013

A brilliant little product. Only one problem - my husband no longer needs me!

What else can I say, those little pyramids work their magic. I've never had such a satisfying scratch ever!

Have you blissed your back today?