BackBliss Benefits…

How a BackBliss Lotion Applicator would benefit you …

  • Gives you independence from replying on someone else to rub cream into your back.
  • Helps you apply lotions & creams to your back to keep skin healthy, moisturized and protected.
  • Allows you to easy reach to your back from any arm position.
  • Also excellent for your entire body including arms, legs, calves and feet.
  • Patented flexible handle adjusts to the contours of your back and the velvet-like applicator pad is extremely soft to your skin, washable and long lasting.
  • No wastage!  Patented pad only absorbs the amount of lotion you need and spreads your lotion evenly and easily 
  • Other lotion applicators reach but none enable the user to actually rub in their creams and lotions and feel where they have covered. 
  • Superb for sun lotions and after sun.
  • Marvelous for moisturizers, body creams and butters.
  • Fantastic for fake and self tanners.
  • Perfect for sun bed accelerators.
  • Ideal for men who don’t want to ask a stranger or each other to apply cream.
  • Great for black and ethnic skin to prevent ashiness.
  • BackBliss Inventor, Caroline Wagstaff, was a finalist in the British Female Inventor of the Year Competition in 2003 when the product was launched and appeared in the second series of the BBC2 Show Dragons’ Den.

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BackBliss features include …

  • Bespoke travel pouch to carry your BackBliss to the spa, salon, beach, pool or gym
  • Comes with a handy 'Hang at Home' hook
  • Website address is stamped into the BackBliss handle, easy to find us in the future
  • Double Packs available (because often you want to apply multiple creams the same day!)
  • BackBliss Lotion Applicator & Scratcher available together in DUO Packs 
  • Interchangeable head with BackBliss Back Scratcher
  • Ergonomically tested and suitable for almost all body types.

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BackBliss does not have…

  • BackBliss does not have a reservoir that allows lotions to dry out and is difficult to clean.
  • BackBliss does not have roller-balls on its applicator surface that become clogged with cream, stop rolling and pop out.
  • BackBliss does not unfold or extending mechanism that attracts lotion deposits, sand and other detritus and can become unhygienic.
  • BackBliss does not have a folding or extending mechanism situated in its handle that substantially weakens its strength and the users ability to exert pressure to rub-in.
  • BackBliss is not so long that it is difficult to store and transport.
  • BackBliss does not have a sponge applicator head that absorbs and retains too much of your back product during and between uses.

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Some facts and figures

L x 32 cms, W x 6cms and H x 4cms

Available in Purple, Charcoal, Blue, Clear and Pink