BackBliss PSORIASIS Press Release MAY 2014

Living with chronic Psoriasis?

Say goodbye to ever having to ask someone to put treatment cream or prescription lotion on your back.

Living with a chronic skin condition is bad enough, but having to rely on someone else to help you apply your treatment or not covering your back thoroughly is just another worry. 

Reaching your back to apply creams & lotions could not be simpler now – just use a BackBliss Lotion Applicator.

The BackBliss Lotion Applicator is a device to help you target your prescribed cream and treatment lotions to that awkward middle part of your back.  When Caroline Wagstaff, 55 the product’s inventor from Windsor, Berkshire, appeared on the BBC2 show Dragons’ Den the Dragons thought BackBliss was ingenious!

 ‘Skin treatment has improved enormously over the years but it is still difficult to get all these good creams and lotions to the right places’ says Caroline. 

Now anyone suffering from psoriasis can easily and regularly apply treatment to their backs. 

Why BackBliss?

  • Compact and lightweight, easy to use  -  use at home, take it to the beach, salon, pool or gym 
  • Fun, funky and functional! – Available in pink, purple, blue, charcoal and clear.
  • Hundreds of uses - body lotions and butters, emoluments, moisturising cream, medical treatments and ointments.  Great self-tan, sun and after sun creams too.
  • No wastage!  Patented pad material doesn't absorb lots of lotion - only use the amount you need.
  • Hygienic Replacement Pads - are washable and long lasting. 
  • Ergonomically tested – BackBliss’s patented design perfectly flexes to the contours of your back 

RRP Single Pack £11.99, Double pack £21.99.

Some genuine customer reviews

I have recently been discharged from hospital after a psoriasis flare up.  I’ve been told to get cream to my back 4-5 times a day.  BackBliss is Brilliant!.
John Clark  21/5/14

This device is a fantastic solution if, like me, you need to regularly apply prescription creams to your back. I shall also use it for sun lotion.

Have you blissed your back today?