PRESS RELEASE British inventor’s innovative beauty product is a bigger winner now than ever before! Release Date: May 26 2020

British inventor’s innovative beauty product is a bigger winner now than ever before!

There's an innovative product that has always sold well but is flourishing in these strange times that won its inventor Caroline Wagstaff a place in the finals of British Female Inventor of the Year competition back in 2003. Caroline’s BackBliss lotion applicator for backs has helped over 150,000 people since she launched the indispensable personal care item 17 years ago.

The middle part of most people’s back is notoriously difficult to reach comfortably and even those who can stretch have difficulty in applying anything with 100% certainty that all of their back is covered. Even if you have a partner, family member or friend who could help, sometimes it is just not convenient to ask them, they do the task begrudgingly or just not very well. 

Whether you need to apply sunscreen, self-tan, body lotion, medical cream, emollients or pain relief - with a BackBliss lotion and cream applicator, any uncertainty is banished - you just do-it-yourself.

The BackBliss is a simple long-handled tool with a soft velvet-like sponge mounted on a flexible head. The curve and length of the applicator’s handle enables you to reach the middle of your back and flexes giving just enough pressure to take the guesswork out of where you’ve applied your cream. The lotion applicator has hygienic washable pads and is available in packs of 4, 8 or 12, depending on your usage. The applicator itself is sold in six different colours. (Black, Blue, Clear, Green Pink, and Purple). 

Caroline originally invented the product with suncare in mind but says ‘I very quickly realized that there are many more people who could benefit from my invention. Self-tanners always struggle to ‘do’ their backs as they are usually on their own and then there are folks with skin conditions like severe dry skin, back acne, psoriasis or eczema and then anyone wanting to apply body lotion after a shower or bath. BackBliss makes everyone’s lives just a bit easier!’. She added ‘I think especially recently with people being more aware of distance and contact with others, individuals have had to find other ways of carrying out everyday tasks. Customers often tell me that they wished they’d discovered BackBliss sooner, it’s the sort of the product people don’t know how they lived without for so long’

BackBliss lotion and cream applicators are sold on Amazon worldwide (simply search for BackBliss) or via  BackBliss are the best selling and most reviewed back applicators on Amazon.

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Notes to Editor

BackBliss lotion and cream applicators are ideal for anyone who can’t easily reach to apply sunscreen, tanning cream, self-tanning lotion or medical treatments to their backs. The lotion is simply placed on the soft velvet-like applicator head and the individual can then reach over their shoulder to smooth and rub lotion all over their back.  BackBliss extends your reach and helps you reach your back without struggling!