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I've appeared on the following shows talking about my invention

BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator for Backs - Video Showcase My BackBliss applicator has received a terrific amount of media coverage since it was launched over 10 years ago. Why?, simply because its a great product and does a really good job of helping people reach their backs to apply their body lotions, creams and ointments. Backbliss was originally called the Bodybaster Originally the lotion applicator product was called BodyBaster as I'd invented it to apply sunscreen and make me go brown. I thought it was a great name until I realised that it could be used to put on all sorts of lotions and creams. Then the BodyBaster product name was very limiting so I changed it to BackBeauty. Hindsight is a wonderful thing However that name really didn't work once I had added the back scratcher to my product portfolio of two products. Now everything is called BackBliss - much easier and simpler. Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Why I am telling you this here? Because here are a few excerpts from various shows I have appeared on either talking about the BodyBaster or the Back Beauty - but essentially I'm talking about the product that is now called Backbliss! Feel free to make any comments about the clips on You Tube!


Dragons' Dens - Here I get rejected (nicely!) by the Dragons, they liked the back lotion applicator concept




 I get interviewed with two other inventors by Melinder Messenger and Richard Arnold on Living TV's Loose Lips just after the British Female Inventor of the Year competition




I was a finalist in the British Female Inventor of the Year competition with my back lotion & cream applicator and these interviews were broadcast on ITV's London Tonight programme on the day of the competition. 



  BSKYNew You Tube Video



Bodybaster Promo Video - filmed on a freezing March day in Surrey. Special thanks to all my friends to who helped, especially the stars Louise and Carrie, the camera man Martin and sound/lighting man Glenn. See our mocked-up beach, the swinging light pull and tub of ice cream!