BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator FAQ

Should I remove the pad from the plastic pad back before washing?

No wash the pad whilst it is still on the backing.   

How often should I wash the pad?  

If you are on holiday and using the product for suntan lotion, I recommend that you wash it out at night. On the other hand if you use your product for body lotion at home, you can probably do it once a week but it only takes a few seconds no matter how often you decide to wash it.   

How long will the pad last?

Months if you wash if from time to time in warm soapy water and leave it on it's side to dry completely before re-use 

How many lotion applicators do you recommend?

Many customers buy a double pack so they can use one for sun protection lotion and another for aftersun. They also find it handy to have one in the bathroom and keep the other for the gym or for overnighters. 

Can I buy the plastic backs separately?  

Yes they are on the order page at 99p  - see our Accessories Page 

Are there any other attachments for the BackBliss™ Lotion Applicator?

Yes I have the BackScratcher and Massager attachment

Can pads go through the washing machine? 

I don't recommend this however I have tested this on numerous occasions and it certainly can be done. Wash the pad whilst it is still attached to the plastic back - it won't come off, promise!. Also if you can pop it into a lingerie bag or sock too, that will help! Warning - this may reduce the lifetime of the pad though!   

What sort of lotions and creams can I use?

Practically any cream or lotion that your use your body however oils may mean that you need to be replace your pad more often.   

Can I use BackBliss Lotion Applicator in the shower?

Oh yes!. It is great for soaping your back in the shower!

Does the product contain any Latex?

No it doesn't. 

Can I use the BackBliss Lotion Applicator for other parts of my body?

Certainly! It is especially good for reaching the lower legs but works equally well for all areas. I had some feed back from one of our customers that her husband loved it so much he used it to apply his suntan lotion all over!   

Can I use BackBliss to apply different creams eg suntan lotion and after sun?  

I would recommend that you take advantage for a money saving offer and buy a double pack - one for suntan lotion and the other for after sun. Otherwise you can use the same product however I recommend a quick wash in between different lotions and creams.   

Why are the BackBliss products better than others on the market?  

I've ordered and tested practically every similar product on the market however one of the main reason that BackBliss is so satisfying is the flexible handle combined with the flexible head (either lotion applicator or back scratche) both work together to match the contours of your back so that you can really 'feel' what you are doing. Other products will reach your back but lack the essential feel factor! 

I used my BackBliss Lotion Applicator to apply medical cream, how should I wash it?

Because these creams need to be applied on a more regular basis - and sometimes several times a day for dry skin, you may want to alternate between a number of pads, washing them after each use and replacing them more frequently to avoid the risk of re-infection. I recommend you order a pack of replacement pads and a spare back pad if you intend to use your product for medical applications.  

BackBliss Back Scratcher FAQ

Why is your back scratcher better than any others?

The actual scratcher head has 113 specially design pyramids on its surface which gives you 30 sq cms to scratch your back’s surface. All in all a fab-u-lous itch busting experience.

Who would benefit most from a back scratcher?

Absolutely anyone who suffers from an itchy back or itchy legs and feet who cannot easily reach. If you are itchy, then you know how crazy you can get when you can’t reach.Rulers, cutlery, pens and knitting needles are all very well, but they just don’t give a good scratch. The BackBliss scratches your itch like no other back scratcher and hopefully your back will itch less!

Can the BackBliss be used to exfoliate skin?

Yes – the pointed pyramids help loosen the dry skin anywhere on the body.

I am used to dry brushing my skin, but don’t always want to take lots of equipment on holiday – can I use your product instead?

Yes, the product can be used first thing in the morning, prior to showering, in the same way a dry skin brush would be used gently all over your body to kick your lymph system in to action.

By the looks of it, I think the BackBliss Back Scratcher would be terrific for massaging cellulite?  

You’re right, it is perfect for this and regular use with a proprietary cellulite cream can help reduce the signs of cellulite.

Why have you invented a back scratcher?  

I’ve always had an itchy back and after developing my award winning BackBliss Lotion Applicator it was the next natural step. The BackBliss Back Scratcher uses the same handle with a different attachment.

Are there any circumstances where I shouldn’t use a back scratcher?

Yes. Don’t keep using the product if you suspect that your skin is itchy for any other reasons. Dry, unsightly and broken skin may be a symptom of something more serious, so please consult a medical professional as soon as possible. Needless to say, if a cream is prescribed, you can always use the lotion and cream applicator to apply this.

Why isn't your back scratcher shaped like a hand?  

I don’t know about you but I think the hand shaped ones are a bit naff. The BackBliss product range is stylish as well as being fun, funky and functional.

How many back scratchers do you recommend?

As many as you think appropriate. Itchy backs don’t always happen in the same room or place, but typically skin tends to feel itchy more when you are relaxed – so one for the bedroom and one in the living room for in front of the television would be great!

Can I use the BackBliss Back Scratcher on my pets?

Oh yes, in fact both my cat and dog love it!

I have dry skin on my back which is itchy – how can I treat this?

Perhaps the best way to tackle this is to apply a moisturising or emollient cream or lotion to your back. This is easily done with my other invention, the BackBliss Lotion Applicator.  The more you keep your skin hydrated the less it will itch.

Can men use this product?

Certainly, our records show 35% of my customers are men with nearly half buying charcoal 46% followed by blue 25%.