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What the papers and bloggers are saying about my uniquely designed BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator

Woman's Weekly

Discovered this brilliant product to apply cream to your back. How clever!


Mind the health gap: How to counter the most common lifestyle blind spots including that hard-to-reach area of your back

Mirror Sunday

Now the greatest invention of all time, after electricity and the internet, is here.  Enter BackBliss.  8 June 2014

Daily Mail

You MUST take this on holiday  17 Apr 2014

The Sunday Times

Ensure those hard to reach bits aren't left to burn  6 Jan 2014


Discussed by 'Loud Women' on Sadie Nine Show on Friday 27th 2014


APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE: Caroline Wagstaff, has relaunched her back lotion applicator after 10 years in business.

Take a Break

Perfect for reaching those awkward places, use it to apply sun protection and fake tan.


Just the right size to reach everywhere, small enough to take on holiday.

Black Beauty

Designed to make applying any kind of lotion or cream to your back a doddle.


Keep your back protected in and out of the sun. Ideal for all travellers.


Tanning solo? Difficulty applying SPF to your back? Step forward the ingenious BackBliss Lotion Applicator!


Compact, lightweight and easy to use, its fun too!

Make sure you don't miss those hard to reach places!

Applying self-tan cream or sun lotion to your back is now possible with BackBliss.

This simple yet genius invention meant that I could apply SPF to my back myself, helping me achieve an even, safe tan.

The BackBliss lives up to the its hype and does exactly what it says on the tin.

Being able to apply sun screen and body lotion to my back easily is the main benefit.

Yep girls, say goodbye to white bits, dry bits, bits that are used to being ignored and start giving your back some love. 4 Feb 2014

Heading off on a beach holiday? There is one item that you should have in your holiday bag - the BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator. June 2014

Are you too shy to ask a complete stranger to apply suntan cream to your back? Now you don’t need to! March 2014

What I particularly like about the BackBliss is that it's easy to clean, no crevices for cream or self tan to lurk. June 2014

It’s almost impossible to completely cover yourself in suncream, especially your back and shoulders. Until now……enter the BackBliss applicator!  June 2014

The simple inventions are always the best.

Reaching your back to sun creams and lotions could not be simpler with this great new device.  A simple but wonderful creation for the beauty industry.  June 2014

Reaching your back to sun creams and lotions could not be simpler with this great new device.  A simple but wonderful creation for the beauty industry.  June 2014

A simple but wonderful creation for the beauty industry, making all those hard to reach places reachable. TV & Celebrity Make-up Artist UK & US.  May 2014

Making all those hard to reach places reachable. Pixiwoo, one of the UK's foremost Beauty Blogging Sites.  May 2014

A highly recommended summer pick. Good stuff. June 2014

I searched high and low and bought a couple rubbish ones but i have finally found this one.

 A clever tool which easily lets you apply tanning and moisturising lotions to your back without having to ask for help. June 2014


I love this product and can't see why somebody didn't come up with this idea decades ago. 

BackBliss's inventor Caroline Wagstaff talks about her early experiences launching her innovative product which enables you to apply cream and lotions to hard to reach places without having to ask for help!

 Chat, If you don't have someone on hand to do your back, use the BackBliss Lotion Applicator

 Daily Express,  Don't head off for your holidays without the BackBliss Lotion Applicator - it's ingenious 

  Designed to reach that awkward middle bit of your back...

  Tan safely & thoroughly with this ingenious device to help you reach every part of your body!

  Gone are the days of having to rely on someone else to help apply stuff to your back

  The ideal way for you to apply tanning products you buy from salons

  BackBliss is a fabulous way to exfoliate back, legs and feet before having a tanning session


Daily Express, Caroline Wagstaff was fed up with struggling to apply sun cream and fake tan to those hard to reach bits, so she designed a gizmo to do it.

  SHAPE, Tantastic!

  Essentials, Sunburn inspired Caroline Wagstaff to make her own lotion applicator

  Wanderlust, This product heralds the end of having to rely on someone else!

   The Holiday Magazine, Gives you the freedom to know you are covered whatever and whenever you want

  The Sunday Times, We hate burnt backs - at last someone clever has invented a DIY Back Applicator

   Evening Standard, For those of us who aren't flexible enough to reach up to our shoulder blades, one woman may well have come up with the answer!

  The Sunday Times, An ingenious device. Style Section

  News of the World, It worked well and felt great being covered all over! - Reader Road Test on behalf of Dr Hilary Jones, TV Doc

  Sunday Telegraph, 4/5 STARS: Best Tested Heat Buster

  Daily Telegraph, For those hard to reach spots

  The Weekly News, Doctors are recommending Back Beauty to patients to apply special body treatments. Having a partner or friend to apply the cream doesn't always work either, they don't always put it on properly.

  For Woman, Is so simple you wonder why no one invented one before!

  Top Santé, Enables you to reach the middle of your back with ease.

  Southern Daily Echo, That awkward area in the middle of your back is no longer out of reach!

  Surrey Herald, They are even being used in Nigeria. Black people really need to look after their skin by moisturizing regularly.

  Reading Central, An ingenious gadget to help reach every part of your body!

What the papers say about the BackBliss Back Scratcher

  It worked well and felt great...all over! - Reader Road Test on behalf of Dr Hilary Jones

  We love this!

 Take a Break,  For anyone who has ever scratched their back with a ruler or knitting needle!