Patent IPR

BackBliss Back Lotion Applicator is Patented and Design Registered

BackBliss is the only lotion applicator to be made entirely in the UK.

It was invented by me, Caroline Wagstaff, in the early 2000s and launched in 2003.

BackBliss is unique amongst lotion applicators as it enables you to thoroughly rub-in your chosen lotion or cream to your back.

Other lotion applicators can reach perfectly well, but they don't allow you to exert enough pressure onto your skin and to FEEL what you are doing.  The BackBliss product reviews speak for themselves.

It is BackBliss's clever design, with the handle and applicator head working together that allows you to exert just the right amount of pressure to know you are fully covered.

Certificate of Grant of Patent GB 2385782  Dated 1st March 2002

Certificate of Registration of Design 300 2176  Dated 14th May 2002