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No man needed - Mandy – 24/06/16

Really good item maybe needs to be just a little longer.

Good Back Scratcher - Could use one small improvement - Deborah Fochler – 15/06/16

This backscratcher is almost perfect except it needs to be just a little longer.  Can only reach to about your shoulder blades. It is only about 12 inches long.  I have short arms and by the time I reach behind my back, it just is not long enough.  I end up dropping it down my clothes trying to reach far enough down. But it gives the best scratch I have found in a back scratcher.  Another suggestion would be to do a softer version as my granddaughter says it "hurts".  So probably has softer skin than I do.  As to length if could make about 18 inches long - would be perfect.  BACKBLISS - I am looking at doing an extension that could be fitted to the handle which would give it about another four inches.... making a total of 16 inches. Great idea about softer spikes, I'll look into it! 

I can't live without it ! Marian C – 15/06/16

I always have to have two of these one for the gym and one at home, they make great presents too! 

Best invention ever reaching one's back ! Marilyn – 14/06/16

After trying a myriad of products available for treating one's back.........finally, I found the perfect one. Look no further than this incredible product. In all the USA and Australia, I repeat, look no further than Back Bliss products. By the way, I am an elderly works.

Reaches where you can't - Patricia – 02/06/16

A brilliant invention.  I have just bought a second applicator to cope with skin conditions on my back.  The pads are easy to replace.  The only slight drawback is that after years of use, the pad tends to disconnect itself from the handle when I use it.  BACKBLISS - I now do packs of three pad backs, so that people using the product daily can rotate the pad covered heads. You may find this useful. 

At last a remedy for when you live alone. Linda – 31/05/2016

I burned my back on holiday last year as I had no-one to put cream in my back.  I used it for the first time on a sunny day this weekend.  The pads are really smooth and it was so easy to apply the sunscreen.  I'm going to use it to apply moisturiser with it now. 

Helpful product – 18/05/16

I purchased this in order to be able to apply cream to my feet & lower legs due to having had hip replacements. This has proved very helpful. 

Great product - Mr. C. – 17/05/16

Bought this after much research into what was available and have not been disappointed. It does everything that I require of it.  My only suggestion for minor improvement would be to ask for replacement scratching heads to be available with different strengths, e.g. soft, medium and hard say? That would be the "icing on the cake", but nonetheless I am very happy with my BackBliss back scratcher as it is. 

Gently does it - Barbara Holland-Davies – 07/05/16

Though seems a tad pricey, this does scratch the itch rather than shredding the skin off your back. Should've got a pack of lotion pads to complement scratching use... 

Great Product -  Barry 04/05/16


Am a widower so holiday alone so product very useful for application of Sun Screen.

Super Tool !! Geoff Perry – 28/04/16

What a great relief to find this Applicator.  Despite taking lessons as a Contortionist I could never reach all my back until I got this great little tool. Thanks Caroline you’re a star! 

Love itAnnie C 13/04/16

Love the product and works a treat! 

A perfect addition to my morning 'creaming' ! sur de B – 13/04/16


I used this product for the first time a few years ago after shoulder surgery when I couldn't reach the middle of my back.  Now I've returned to using it all the time !  Gets right to that middle bit of your back ! Perfect.  Spare pads easy to order. 

Brilliant !!  Teresa 07/04/16

I love this BackBliss cream applicator, so easy to use, now I don't have to ask anyone to put cream or suntan lotion on for me !! 

Great product - 04/04/16

Excellent product. Express delivery. 

Unknown market ! Ian – 02/04/16


I suffer from renal itch (if you are ignorant of this phrase go to kidney failure and read the horror story, it includes moribundity and possibly suicide.)  A sufferer needs to control this and therefore needs something like your applicator to apply lotions etc.  Only cure is high clearance of urea and creatine by dialysis or organ transplant.  There is a Kidney Association which might do an article for you, at least you may want to advertise.  Market value ? Thousands of people on dialysis in UK, tens of thousands across the EU and even more in USA . Plus an unknown number who don't even know they have approaching kidney failure because the kidney's function down to 10% efficiency. 

Helpful -  01/04/16

Fantastic product and would highly recommend it. 

Amazing product  - 31/03/2016

I am black and have dry skin plus eczema.  I struggled to reach my back to apply moisturizer.  I searched on the internet and found this amazing applicator.  It does the job and I am pleased with it. 

Really does work no more itchy back !  Barbara – 28/03/2016

Was unsure whether this would work but it is a brilliant product easy to use, no mess and no more itchy back !   Also a good idea for Christmas or Birthday gifts, would recommend and buy again. 

Excellent for elderly folk. Highly recommended. Lesley 22/03/16

Excellent product much appreciated by my mother who is 87, but not for sunning herself in the garden !   She was prescribed lotion for her back to be applied twice daily which would be difficult for me to manage, but she would not entertain the idea of care staff coming to attend to her.  Despite the curvature in her spine she finds she can use BackBliss very successfully and, as well as relieving her skin condition, it has helped her maintain her independence. She is a happy lady again and so am I.  The inclusion of a suction hook made it easy to hang in the bathroom immediately which was also very helpful. Many thanks. 
BACKBLISS - suction hooks are supplied with our Double Applicator packs. 

BackBliss Applicator - 17/03/16

One of the better on the market but could be firmer.  Fairly flimsy - and would like it slightly longer.  Removable pads are a good idea. 

None in all the world as good as this !!! - Marilyn Koontz 17/03/16

For many years I have looked for such a product as this........and I am 85 years old !!! I have Eczema on my back and must rub a cortisone cream on the worrisome places. I have been looking for years and there are loads of products that handle lotion but none that I could find in the world to successfully apply the thick salve required for the job............until now. Thanks to Caroline Wagstaff my life has been made ever so easy. Thank you Caroline Wagstaff.

Does exactly what it says on the tin – Stu 11/03/16

I have very dry skin and need to apply moisturiser every morning all over my body. My back is obviously hard to reach but this device is exactly what I need. to reach those areas my hands can't. Delivery is extremely fast too ! Great product and service. 

Help At Last ! - Marilyn Koontz 07/03/16

My journey to find the perfect answer to my itchy back problem has ended.. last. It was the discovery of BackBliss Products that enabled me to finally and successfully use the gel/salve prescribed by my doctor to relieve eczema on my back. Plenty of applicators exist for lotions but this is the first, I believe, for a more viscous type. Many people must need this type of applicator and the BackBliss Applicator is the answer. Life is much more comfortable now. Thank you Caroline Wagstaff ! By the way, I live in Australia and the free shipping is certainly generous and the service is prompt ! 

Brilliant Product – 29/02/16

Physiotherapist remarked on how dry my skin was on my back so she offered to apply cream. We both wondered if there was something available to buy that would assist me (live on my own) . On her departure I immediately starting looking on the Internet and thankfully I saw BackBliss - brilliant product ! So easy to use - wish I had known about BackBliss sooner. Highly recommended . 

Good product – Gill 25/02/16

Just what I needed - ideal - very happy 

Your product is wonderful ! - Janice Connor 24/02/16

I haven't had soothing cream on by back for ever and am now enjoying the comfort of a non-itchy back.  Good luck with this product. 

Applicator – Peepbo 19/02/16

Repurchased as have used these before and find they are excellent for those impossible to reach spots on the back. Ideal for those who have no one to help them out. Would and have thoroughly recommended them

Spare pads – Peepbo 19/02/16

Essential for purchasers of the BackBliss. Always make sure there is a pack in my suitcase. 

Mixed review – 18/02/16


This is a mixed review. I had previously bought one and loved it so much I had to buy another one after it snapped in half. 

Brilliant - Jennifer I 14/02/2016 

This is the second time of ordering and I can't praise the product enough.

BackBliss - a great idea - Carole D 14/02/2016  

BackBliss is the answer to my problems, not to get an even suntan--though I'm sure that would be good.  But for the eczema on my lower legs. I've tried every other cream applicator on the market, and nothing has helped me--my spine is fused and I cannot bend, so reaching down is impossible. The long handle is featured on other makes, but only BackBliss has the soft foam applicator ends that don't scratch and make me itch even more. A big thankyou to the makers of this innovative idea!

Easy back care ! - Jean W 13/02/2016                            

This is such a useful little thing!! I can use it to moisturise my back or put sun cream on parts I can't reach! Very good value too!

Very Good – 08/02/16

Very good for single people to be able to but cream on their back after a shower, also for putting sun cream or oil when sunbathing, I bought two one for suncream and one for moisturising cream. 

BackBliss replacement pad  - Sarah Chesney 05/02/16

I like the BackBlliss very much now I can put cream on my very dry back after I shower or bathe. Replacement pads were delivered promptly. They do slip off sometimes that is the only negative. 

Back Bliss is True Bliss - Benjamin D 03/02/2016                     

I have used this product for years and have been very happy moisturizing my back when my husband is not around. I was pleased to find the replacement pads at such a great price and quick delivery. The handle is sturdy and well made, as are the pads. I admire a company that provides such a quality product at a reasonable price, all while offering excellent customer service.

BackBliss Lotion&Cream Applicator - Susan T 03/02/2016                     

I bought this product a few years ago it is wonderful. I have just bought my daughter one as well as she was grumbling about dry skin and how difficult it is to moisturise her back. Her problems are now over thanks to BackBliss. Thank you Caroline for a wonderful product.

I'm loving it ! - Christine B 02/02/2016                            

I've been struggling for ages trying to get an even cover of everyday tan on my back. This product is amazing and does exactly what it says it does on the web!! I would highly recommend it to others. Just wish I'd ordered more!!

Just what I wanted - Gill C 31/01/2016                            

Very pleased with my purchase - smooth transaction.

Wow !!! SJ – 30/01/16

My search is over.......words cannot express how pleased I was when I discovered BackBliss and then things got even better with the Back Scratcher. Excellent service. Thank you Caroline. I am a happy woman ! 

Brilliant – 28/01/16

Works perfectly. Easy to use.

Ace ! Nina M 28/01/2016                            

As an avid fake tanner, the BackBliss is a must. There is no way I'd have a beautiful bronzed back without it. Fast free delivery too ! Fab !

BackBliss cream applicator and hook - Christine T 24/01/2016                            

Such a relief. A cream applicator that works! I suffer with back pain and have to massage pain relieving cream to my back every day. The applicator makes this task so easy. I am so glad I bought the applicator, I can apply the cream two or three times daily now. The hook works too. It hasn't fallen off the tiled wall in my bathroom and feels very securely fixed. Thank you for your invention Caroline.

Inspired ! - Jennifer C 21/01/2016                            

Thank you for this perfect product ... An inspiration which truly does the job !

Very useful - Lorna S 19/01/2016                            

I was looking for something like this. I have very dry skin on my back which needs treating with off-the-counter cream, and couldn't reach all the areas I needed to reach. Since ordering this product about a month ago, I have used it daily and find it a huge help. I have washed the sponge applicator many times and, despite my concerns that it might come unstuck from its backing, it has not done so yet. A great product which I will also find useful for applying sun-tan lotion !

Amazing BackBliss - Rosie B 18/01/2016                            

This was my 5th or 6th BackBliss that I have purchased. I think it is an amazing product - before, I had to have somebody to put cream on my back which wasn't always possible - now, I can do it myself. It just makes life so much easier and also on holiday it's so helpful with suntan cream - no getting a burnt back anymore !

Excellent product – Sally 18/01/16

I first used this applicator when it was called a Body Baster and sold by Lakeland. For some unfathomable reason they stopped selling it and I lost track of it. I have rheumatoid arthritis and dry skin so I really need to apply cream to my back whenever I shower or swim. I tried a couple of other products which were unwieldy and inflexible and then I discovered the Backbliss website and immediately ordered two more - one to keep in my gym bag - it is a terrific product, so easy to use, simple to change the pads when necessary and does the job perfectly.

Replacement Pads – 11/01/16

Bought two packs of replacement pads, one for me and one for a friend. Bought the original BackBasters some years ago and they're still going strong just need to but replacement pads from time to time. Wouldn't be without them, especially on holiday.

BACK SCRATCHER - Suzanne Schmidt 09/01/16

I ordered this through the BackBliss company because it wasn't on the U.S. amazon website. It is as great as it is described. The shape is perfect with just the right curve, and the replacement pads are cheap and sent as a refill with no shipping charges ( (what a plus for when I need them in the future). I would recommend this to anyone who wants to apply lotion to their own back. The back scratcher is super also. Just wish I could carry it around with me wherever I go!!

My husband loves his Christmas present – Dunlop Household 08/01/16

Purchase a backbliss back scratcher for my husband as a Xmas present and he loves it. It covers the parts of the back all in one go without me having to listen to …NO… up, down, back, left, right etc

Best on the market - Christine H 05/01/2016                             

I bought one for myself several years ago and have been so impressed with it that I have purchased three more as presents for members of my family.

Reaches parts that your hands can't ! - Sue Mashmoor 05/01/16

As a senior citizen, and also suffering with a frozen shoulder, I have found BackBliss to be the best thing since "sliced bread". it is very sturdy and shaped perfectly, so 10/10 to Caroline Wagstaff for filling a niche in the market. I, also, have been using the applicators for at least 10 years and eventually they do break, but not before several years of daily use.

Excellent product and service – Annie 04/01/16

I bought this for my Mum who had been talking about inventing something to reach that hard to reach spot on her back! She was thrilled to receive this applicator and is delighted with how easily she can now apply cream to her back. The product is sturdy and attractive and the washable pads are a great idea. I would thoroughly recommend this product. An added bonus is that BackBliss deliver this product to Ireland (unlike Amazon) and delivery was very swift.

Good news for elderly people ! - Sheila K 03/01/2016                             

I am 75 years old and have difficulty reaching the parts of my back that need creaming.  I live alone so have no-one to do it for me. There are backscrubbers galore out there but my ageing skin DOESN'T NEED SCRUBBING !!!  I hunted high and low, in pharmacists, and larger stores that sell toiletries, for a cream applicator.  In desperation I went to my local pharmacist who kindly got on the internet and discovered what I was looking for.  I ordered it from home and it arrived the next day.  Wonderful ! I sing that man's praises everywhere.  I think all pharmacists and shops like Boots and Superdrug could do themselves a favour and stock these things. They would sell like hot cakes.

BackBliss lotion app and back scratcher  - 02/01/16

Size and shape are just right for reaching the back. Others I have used are either too big or awkward. I am very pleased with this product. It also was shipped in record time, considering I live in the United States! Just for your info: it is on Amazon, but only the U.K. version and they will NOT mail to the U.S.A.   BACKBLISS - thanks for this review, my products will be on early in 2016, watch this space!

Great product - Bill W 26/12/15

Just what I needed. Good quality and service is excellent as very easy to order.

A Friend in Need -  Peter M 23/12/2015                             

As the title shows after the death of my wife I was in need of someone to apply cream to my back to treat the Darriers disease - very itchy, and BackBliss provided the solution.  A great invention that really does what it says in the tin.  Many thanks and A Merry Christmas to all.

BEST in the world ! - Deanna N 21/12/2015

Got my new BackBliss lotion applicator and absolutely love it ! Had a teensy problem with delivery but the EXCELLENT and PROMPT customer service fixed it ! Would recommend this and plan on ordering more for gifts. Very unique and great to use !

Not Quite Long Enough - Dean B 21/12/2015

It does work but it does not reach right in the middle of my back so i have reverted back to my longer Hand back scratcher.

Useful purchase – 21/12/15

Can't get excited over replacement pads, but pleased they exist and are so easy to order. Very quick dispatch too, thank you.

Brenda E - 16/12/2015                          

The back bliss applicator is excellent quality and works perfectly.  I have shown it to two friends who indicated that they would like to purchase an applicator.

Thank heavens I found your website - CB Chichester 13/12/15

Originally purchased at Lakeland some years ago and now rely on it daily. Thank heavens I found your website. BACKBLISS - that would be over 10 years ago as unfortunately LakelandUK stopped stocking BodyBaster as it was known in those days as they no longer focused on the personal care market. I still have lots of customers from that era who now purchase from me directly. Thanks for your kind comments.

Indispensable! – 05/12/15 S M C.

I have used this product for years, probably since shortly after it was first launched. I use it every single day to apply a medicated cream to my back. Without the applicator that would be very difficult. The applicator usually lasts about two years before the handle begins to show signs of cracking and always in the same place. I guess that is simply because of pressure , in the same place with the daily use of this item. I definitely could not manage without this applicator. I have passed details to my local pharmacist in case there is anyone else in the area who might benefit from having one of these lotion applicators. I also have to say how pleased I am with your incredibly rapid delivery of my order.

Johnny G - 05/12/2015                             

This was bought as a Christmas present but I was impressed by the extremely quick delivery and the quality of the item. Thank you.

Indispensable ! - Sheila C 04/12/2015                             

I have been using your Backbliss Lotion applicators almost since you first invented them.  Such a brilliant idea as I need to apply prescription cream to my back every day.  Without the applicator that would be a very difficult job indeed !  So good is it, I have told my local pharmacy about your invention (and your web site) in case they have other patients/customers in need of such help. The backscratcher is also great for the persistent itch.  I find the applicators 'go' after about two years and they always crack at the same place on the handle, presumably because of repeated pressure from the daily use.  So I've bought the recent two well in advance of when I anticipate I shall need them ! I'd hate to be caught without one !

Pearl M 30/11/15 

This an excellent product only down side being I can't reach my back with shoulder problems as handle needs to be longer.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Ms L 30/11/15

Both back scratcher and lotion applicator are high quality, attractive and effective. Also, thanks to Caroline for her speedy and helpful delivery service - I made an error ordering from the website, she phoned to help me correct it and I received the goods within a couple of days.              

Valerie R 29/11/15 

I bought the BackBliss apparatus to help my brother who has had a nasty fall and has badly broken his elbow. After surgery and physio the pain went from his shoulder to his fingertips. He has been prescribed ointment/cream to put on the affected area, but as he lives on his own, he couldn't reach to cover all the affected area. The BackBliss seems to do the trick for him and we are very grateful. Thankyou.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Pamela W 29/11/15

Bought as a gift for my husband. I have bought these before and they are amazing. He says best back scratcher ever! Definitely recommend.             

Applicator fine - but as I am 6ft 2ins tall a slightly longer handle would be much better - Clive J 25/11/15

Excellent tool – 21/11/15

I was prescribed medical cream for a sore back, but neither any of the clinical staff nor the pharmacist knew of any aid for its application. I bought a kitchen spatula, which was ok for spreading the cream, but not for massaging it in. Then I found the BackBliss applicator on the web, and it does both jobs excellently. If there's ever a mark 2, I'd welcome an extra inch or two on the handle length; and I wonder if you could find a way to make sure that more medical people know about it. 

John T 19/11/15

I developed sores on my back and was prescribed medical creams to apply. None of the medical or pharmacy staff I spoke too knew of any device to help in that, so I first bought a kitchen spatula, which was quite good at spreading the creams, but not at massaging them in. Then I found the BackBliss applicator on the internet, and - hey presto - it does both jobs beautifully. I’d be pleased with an extra inch or two on the length of the handle, if ever there’s a mark two; and, given the ignorance I met, I wonder if you’re publicising well enough amongst the medical and related professions ?

Pack of Replacement Pads - Kim Lloyd 16/11/15

Free Delivery was very fast. Replacement Pads are OK but do tend to slip off sometime when applying Sun Tan Lotion.  BACKBLISS - please do make sure that the pad packs are clear before sticking on a new pad and that the pad has a good chance of sticking. I find leaving it under a pile of books overnight or sitting on it for a while does the trick !

Mrs G 15/11/15 

I love this lotion applicator. I no longer have to wait bother my husband for help to put lotion on my back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Christine H 15/11/15

A good product and very useful, the handle could be a little longer, otherwise no complaints.

Donald G 14/11/15

The back scratcher is in absolutely constant use. I'm seriously impressed with the sturdy construction and the only improvement I can think of would be to make the handle a little longer, perhaps 1-2 cm but that would be a personal preference. A brilliant piece of kit I would not want to be without.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Ian B 14/11/15

Llike most people get a itchy back, so last year I ordered one off Amazon it was ok but it kept bending. So off I search Amazon again and stumbled across one of these. I read a few reviews and took the plunge, ordered it and a few day later it fell on my door step, wow it is a very good size, very sturdy indeed, the part that does the work fits on very easily, and it is replaceable, all in all I'm so glad I invested in does the job a lot better than the cheap and nasty rubbish. So my advice to you all is get one, you will not be disappointed.

A must have for tanners – Julzb 14/11/15

I've used Backbliss applicators for a few years and the pads do last for ages.  A great product for reaching the parts you can't manage yourself.

Best aid so far – Gwen 12/11/15

Each time we go on holiday, I have to lend my sister my Backbliss. Well no more. I have bought her, her very own one. This product has saved my dignity, I no longer have to ask my husband to 'do my back', I can manage all on my own thanks to Backbliss. Only thing, a little longer handle. 

Janet W 11/11/15

The most useful gadget I have ever purchased, and the speed of delivery is awesome !

Carol W 09/11/15

The applicator was delivered promptly and well packed. I am very pleased with it as I can put cream onto my back every day and also can put on sun cream when on holiday without having to ask my husband to do it ! 

Indispensable - Donald Gray-Raus 09/11/15

Finally !!!!!  A backscratcher worth its name and worth every penny.  No more begging your other half to take pity and scratch your back, no more making do with overlong shoehorns (you can get them for boots and there are approximately the right size) now that the BackScratcher from BackBliss is here. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant - the tiny cones on the back scratcher are hard enough to give a satisfying scratch but not too hard to be painful - and afterwards use the skin cream/lotion applicator to put some soothing ointment on your dry skin to prevent further itching.  All in all, a great product that I can recommend with hand on heart. 

Cherie D 03/11/15

No more struggling with applying lotions on one's back. The applicator is a must for holidays.      

Karen S 01/11/15

BackBliss is great and so easy to use.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Carolyn B 01/11/15

I have been a customer for many years & use the lotion applicator every day after showering. It means I can put lotion onto my back - without having to ask my husband to help ! Even bought one as a gift for my elderly aunt.  Hope the company continues to go from strength to strength - so that I can come back for more pads & applicators when needed.  A simple but very effective product.

Backbliss Applicator – Heather 28/10/15

I ordered this as I have a problem with my upper back and always had to wait for someone to apply a pain relief gel for me.  I now take this to work with me and can apply the gel whenever I need it without having to wait for anyone. Its very simple to use and easy to apply in the right place. Great product.

Lotion applicator – Cherie 27/10/15

This is a must for holiday sun creams and for daily skin care.  Easy to use with perfect results. 

Jenny H 24/10/15

Very pleased with this product could have done with it 2'' longer as it is for use on my legs more than the back but otherwise full marks for your product.

 Essential holiday kit – Sue 24/10/15

I've been using BackBliss on holiday for several years - the pads make using sun cream and body lotion so easy for single traveller old ladies like me! 

Derek S 23/10/15

There is nothing worse than getting burnt in those hard to reach places if you happen to be a solo traveller or travelling with your mates who you do not wish to engage in rubbing cream into each other in public.  I know there is no shame in being safe but you have not seen my mates.  Anyway I use it for sun cream application on holidays and its great.  The pads can last a long time but replacement pads seem reasonable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Irene A 23/10/15

I have been using BackBliss for many years now, and would not be without it. I have a very sensitive skin and find it very useful to put cream on my back. I have also bought it for my two sisters.

Roger M 20/10/15

No need to be a contortionist, BackBliss will reach the remotest areas. I bought a DOUBLE and use the second one as a back scratcher. A quick rinse under warm water and a squeeze and the pads will stay as good as new. - 

Wonderful! – Mike 16/10/15

What a great idea and design. I'm greatly relieved... The missus is out of a job ! 

Pam R 12/10/15

Great product at a reasonable price.  Invaluable for reaching those out of reach places on your back !                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Yvonne T 12/10/15

I have been using BackBliss items for years and will continue to do so.                                                    

Delia C 12/10/15

I needed something to apply prescription cream to the most awkward part of my back. Found this online - LIFESAVER !!!!  Best £12.00 I have spent in a long time - would certainly recommend.