Replacement Pads Material

BackBliss Replacement Pad Material

The BackBliss Lotion & Cream Applicator revolutionizes the way
you apply your lotions, creams, mousses, self-tan, SPFs and medical creams to your back.

The unique material used for our applicator pads is vitally important so that you achieve an even streak-free coverage.

Our foam pads have had a flocked surface applied to them.  Flocking is a process that provides a soft-textured surface often used in everyday items like car interiors and toys as well as eye shadow applicators and cosmetic compact puffs.

To explain the flocking process in more detail - a fine layer of adhesive is applied to the foam’s surface. 

The prepared foam is then passed through a machine that creates an electrostatic charge so that when the flock fibres are dropped onto the surface, the charge causes the fibres to stand up vertically into the glue. 

The ‘flocking’ is what gives the BackBliss Lotion Applicator pads such a soft application surface, feeling incredibly comfortable against the skin.

A non-absorbent membrane is then applied to the back of the flocked foam pad before the addition of the strong waterproof self-adhesive layer and backing paper.

Our BackBliss replacement pads are manufactured by our preferred supplier in Gloucester.

Replacing your BackBliss Lotion Applicator pad

Instructions on the best way of sticking your pad to the pad back are on the reverse of the insert in your lotion applicator or in your pack of pads.

Your BackBliss replacement pads have wings to wrap round the pad back so that no rough edges can scrape your skin.

Use a hard surface to fold your pad around the pad back. I recommend placing the pad back with freshly stuck-on pad under a pile of books overnight.   Alternatively, I find sitting on it for a while also works!!  

Caring for your Lotion & Cream Applicator

To prolong the life of your individual BackBliss replacement pad, simply wash your pad whilst still attached to the plastic pad back using soap and water (shower gel or shampoo, is also ok) and allow to dry thoroughly before re-use.

The pad is machine washable up to 40°C or 100°F so the occasional machine washing would be ok but is not recommended for each wash.  Detach the pad and its back from the handle and place in a pillow case or sock before washing.