Replacing your pad

1 View of assembled BackBliss lotion applicator

2 Slightly twist the lug to loosen it from the lug hole

3 Gently remove pad back lug from the hole

4 Repeat loosening and removal at the other end

5 See how wings of pad fold round the pad back

6 Peel off wings one at a time

7 Once both wings are unpeeled from pad

8 Remove entire pad from pad back

9 Check that no residue is left on pad back

If your pad has been attached to the pad back for sometime you may find some small patchs of adhesive remain stuck to the pad. Normally the pad just comes off in one go - however you MUST remove any residue before fixing the new pad to the back.

There are a few ways of doing this
(1) hot soapy water to loosen adhesive residue
(2) a propriatory 'sticky stuff' remover fluid
(3) wipe with nail varnish remover/white spirit

It is also very important to make sure that the pad back is dry before fixing the new pad to the back.

10 Note the shape of the new pad with long edge

11 Remove backing paper from self adhesive pad

12 Match long edge with wider end of pad back

13 Place pad back carefully onto pad

14 Fold in one wing pressing against a hard surface

15 Press the stuck wing and pad firmly against surface

16 Fold the other wing in using the same process

17 Leave under some books over night (or sit on it!!)

18 The pad should be firmly attached to the pad back

19 Notice the Plus and Minus symbols on the pad back

20 Match these to the symbols next to the holes in handle

21 Place lug through hole twist and click into place

22 Put remaining lug through hole, twist & click into place

23 Check you have the pad on the right way

24 Voila your lotion applicator is ready for use again.