Unique Back Scratcher

Totally Unique Back Scratcher

No other BackScratcher in the world looks and delivers a scratch like the BackBliss back scratcher.  Itch, be gone!

113 Scratching Pyramids to blitz that itch

No other back scratcher has 113 specially designed pyramids making contact with your back at any one time. No gimmicky hand and finger shapes (which incidentally, sometimes only have 5 points of contact with your back!).

My back scratcher is patented because the handles and the pyramid scratching pads are designed to be 'deform' against each other (which is a posh way of saying that they bend and then regain their original shape).  

These images show the pyramid covered head of the scratcher bending on contact with another surface, normally this would be your back!

You shouldn't need to bend the handle this much but it shows the range of flex.

..and here is the handle and the pyramid pad head working against each other to mould to the shape of your back.


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