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BackBliss is the UK’s market leading lotion applicator. I’ve sold 52,850 in 11 years.  BackBliss is the only lotion applicator invented, designed and manufactured entirely in the UK. When BackBliss was launched I was a finalist in the British Female Inventor of the Year competition and BackBliss has appeared on the BBC2 show Dragons’ Den.

BackBliss customers love it to bits! They’ve given 97% of 4 & 5-star reviews with some saying how it makes their lives a little bit easier everyday.

It’s such a relief knowing that your back is fully covered, even that bit in the middle that’s impossible to reach, without relying on someone else.

BackBliss’s unique patented design means that users can FEEL what they are doing to thoroughly rub-in their cream or lotion.  The idea behind BackBliss is simple.  A clean minimalist product, that is hygienic, easy to clean and does a fantastic job!  No other lotion applicator comes close to ‘doing what it says on the tin’.

I've compiled a one pager on BackBliss's Features and Benefits.You can click through to this here.

With BackBliss there are no extendable arms or moving parts to wear and tear, no reservoirs to keep topped up or clean, no roller-balls to clog and no thick sponges that drink-up costly creams and lotions.

BackBliss was recently featured in the Sunday Mirror where they described it as ‘The greatest invention of all time, after electricity and the internet’.  Perhaps a little over the top, but they really loved it and so did their readers who ordered in droves.

I’d love to send you a sample product so you can see the outstanding quality and finish for yourself to decide whether BackBliss is for you.  

In the right hands, BackBliss sells like hotcakes!  My wholesale customers come back time and time again because BackBliss sells!

Curious to see the product (and me?) simply take a look at me introduce myself and my BackBliss Lotion Applicator here.

I can offer some very tempting commercial terms and the assurance of dealing with a small company with a great product and personal service.