BackBliss Lotion Cream Applicator Pad Backs 3 pack

BackBliss Lotion Cream Applicator Pad Backs 3 pack

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This pack contains three spare pad backs for your BackBliss Lotion Applicator.

Pad backs are an essential part of the BackBliss Lotion Applicator.

There are three basic parts that make up a lotion applicator.

  1. the handle
  2. the pad back
  3. the pad

PLEASE NOTE:  It is essential to have a pad back to stick your pad on to. **

Instructions on how to remove and replace your pads from the pad back are on the insert you receive with your lotion applicator or pack of replacement pads.

BackBliss replacement pads have wings to wrap round the pad back so that no rough edges scratch your skin.

Use a hard surface to fold around the pads wings so your pad is firmly stuck on the pad back

Match the '+' and a '-' on the pad back lugs to the  '+' and a '-' by the holes on the BackBliss handle and wiggle into place until you hear the click.

** Place the pad back with freshly stuck-on pad under a pile of books overnight.   Alternatively, sitting on it for a while also works!!  (Obviously we don't do this whilst assembling the products! LOL)

You may also want to consider possibly ordering a BackBliss™ Lotion Applicator DOUBLE Pack if you regularly use separate creams or have to apply lotions and creams daily for medical purposes.


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