BackBliss Fake Tan Mitt Glove for applying Self Tan & Sunless Tanning

BackBliss Fake Tan Mitt Glove for applying Self Tan & Sunless Tanning

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Rub-in body lotion and creams, SPF lotions, aftersun, self-tan, medical creams quickly and evenly in seconds.

Originally a big hit with the self-tan community our soft velvety mitts are BRILLIANT for other lotions and creams as well.

The specially patented non-porous microfilm on the back of the velvet-like mitt keeps your hands clean and dry and the size of the mitt increases the 'rubbing-in' surface making contact with your body. The delightfully soft mitt fabric means that your lotions or creams are spread over your body faster and evenly. 

Our mitts are ideal for the beach too - especially if you have sandy hands!

Use one or two mitts at the same time.  The ‘Two Mitt Approach’ involves simply grabbing a generous scoop of cream or lotion on one mitt, rubbing both mitts together to disperse the cream evenly and then, with both mitts, dabbing lotion onto your body (feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, arms, shoulders, butt, tum and upper body) and then simply rub it all in with both mitted hands.  Job done, quickly, evenly and easily!  

Needless to say, you will still need your BackBliss™Lotion & Cream Applicator to get reach your back! 

BackBliss™ mitts are reusable and can be machine washed at 30C. 

'The BackBliss Lotion Applicator Mitt is simply fantastic.  I love it!  Applying my body lotion has never been easier.  It takes only a matter of seconds for all over body coverage.  I’ve used it on the beach for sun lotion as well.'  Jean, Windsor

'These BackBliss Lotion Applicator Mitts were a god-send when I took some on holiday with my daughter and grandchildren.  Applying SPF lotion constantly to the kids was easy and in fact several people stopped by and asked where we bought them'  Valerie, Knutsford 

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