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The vast majority of people can’t reach the middle of their backs to apply a cream or lotion thoroughly. The situation is often made worse when wearing clothes all day long that are infused with laundry detergent that aggravate skin conditions and makes dry and dull skin. Meet BackBliss – it reaches those hard to reach areas to give you complete skin protection and confidence.

  • Get full back coverage, every time

  • Put an end to embarrassing untreated dry patches and sunburn or uneven selftan

  • End the awkwardness of asking a friend or stranger for help!

  • Get total confidence with glowing skin you’re proud to show off

Love Your Skin Again

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BackBliss is the ultimate aid for applying lotions and creams to the hardest of places to reach - your own back! Whether you’re applying suncream, aftersun, self tanner or a skin treatment BackBliss is the product you need for complete coverage.

Key Features

  • Ergonomically designed handle and head that flexes to match the exact contours of your back
  • With Backbliss’s patented design you only use the lotion you need and you will get an even coverage with minimal residue left on the pad after application.
  • Replacement pads keep BackBliss hygienic, so one applicator can last a lifetime.
  • The textured non-slip handle stays put, even when wet.

The BackBliss difference

  • 100% Made in the UK

    We’re proud that our exceptionally high-quality products are made entirely in the UK.

  • Patented Design

    BackBliss is a fully Patented design - you simply won’t get the same quality and functionality anywhere else.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    We’re so confident in the quality of BackBliss, that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products (excluding replacement pads).

As featured in

  • Now the greatest invention of all time, after electricity and the internet, is here. Enter BackBliss

  • Perfect for reaching those awkward places, use it to apply sun protection and fake tan.

  • An ingenious device!

  • For those of us who aren't flexible enough to reach up to our shoulder blades, one woman may well have come up with the answer!

  • Don't head off for your holidays without the BackBliss Lotion Applicator - it's ingenious!

  • Brilliant product for applying cream to your back

  • Spreads suncream on those hard-to-reach bits

  • Lets us reach that tricky middle back area

  • The greatest invention of all time, after electricity and the internet

  • Ingenious device

  • If you don’t have someone on hand to ‘do’ your back

  • Don’t head off on holiday without BackBliss

  • Ingenious device for that hard-to-reach spot

  • Year round fake tanners will love BackBliss

  • BackBliss for hard-to-reach spots

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  • Ingeniously simple device for even back coverage

  • Summer essential beach item

  • This lotion applicator is a beach brainwave

  • For anyone who needs to moisturize their back but can’t reach

  • BackBliss

  • Medical

    If you suffer from acne, psoriasis or eczema, BackBliss can help you apply your treatment solution and get complete back coverage.

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  • Mobility

    Extend your reach to cover everywhere, even if your range of movement is limited.

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  • Sun Tanning

    Make sure you don’t come back from your holiday with a partly burned and peeling back

    BUY NOW £13.97
  • Self Tanning

    Get complete coverage without assistance from anybody else or tan marks on your hands

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  • Body Care

    Keep all your skin moisturised and looking fabulous every day

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Other Products

  • Pads

    Replacement pads for BackBliss. If your pads are worn out or you need separate pads for different cream, it’s easy to switch them out.

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  • Scratcher

    Never leave that itch unscratched again! Our back scratcher has the same ergonomic handle and reach as BackBliss, but with a gentle scratching pad to relieve even the most persistent itch.

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  • Mitts

    Our mitts are made from the same material as our pads. Uniquely designed to spread lotions evenly over your body without any mess.

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